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However, adaptation to climate change has been demonstrated in many cases. These are usually due to a shift in coral and zooxanthellae genotypes. These shifts in allele frequency have progressed toward more tolerant types of zooxanthellae.

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1 arranjo para coro tem a característica fundamental do um Arranjo Musical, e este Piano serve como este instrumento chave para este acompanhamento, quando necessário, aonde as quatro vozes do coro são representadas igualmente na partitura deste instrumento musical.

[28] High failure rates afflict many stages of this process, and even though millions of gametes are released by each colony, few new colonies form. The time from spawning to settling is usually two to three days, but can be up to two months.[29] The larva grows into a polyp and eventually becomes a coral head by asexual budding and growth.

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Many corals in the order Scleractinia are hermatypic, meaning that they are involved in building reefs. Most such corals obtain some of their energy from zooxanthellae in the genus Symbiodinium. These are symbiotic photosynthetic dinoflagellates which require sunlight; reef-forming corals are therefore found mainly grupo coral in shallow water.

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Soft corals vary considerably in form, and most are colonial. mais A few soft corals are stolonate, but the polyps of most are connected by sheets of coenosarc [def], and in some species these sheets are thick and the polyps deeply embedded in them.

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About 75% of all hermatypic corals "broadcast spawn" by releasing gametes—eggs and sperm—into the water to spread offspring. The gametes fuse during fertilization to form a microscopic larva called a planula, typically pink and elliptical in shape.

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